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Headquartered in Shanghai, Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., with rich industry management experience and leading service consciousness, takes it as its responsibility to provide intensive services and standardized services for enterprises, and gradually forms its own corporate culture, with three professional service fields: labor dispatch, personnel agency and headhunting service. And constantly explore new management models, and strive to provide more and better, more meticulous and thoughtful services for enterprises. The company always adheres to the purpose of "continuously improving management, providing quality services and creating excellent brands". The company is composed of a professional team familiar with labor security laws, regulations and policies and human resource management, with advanced human resource management concepts and rich experience in labor dispatch operation.

At present, seven branches have been established in China, including Conghua Branch, Foshan Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Dongguan Branch, Zhengzhou Branch, Xingtai Branch, Zhejiang Branch, etc., and more than 10,000 outstanding employees have been successfully dispatched to Fortune 500 companies, providing flexible and reliable management services and labor laws, regulations and policy support for employers to achieve cross-regional and inter-provincial employee recruitment, employee social insurance payment, salary payment and labor relations management.

Based in Shanghai, the company successfully radiated to surrounding cities, forming a good pattern that the center drives the surrounding areas to develop together, and the service industry covers manufacturing, logistics, trade and other industries. At present, the enterprises we serve are Dongfeng Nissan, Uni Stamping, China Guodian, Zhisheng Technology, Stone Story, Wanyoutong Logistics, JD.COM Online Mall and other well-known enterprises.

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